About Us
We Ship Nationwide. Same day shipping on most products.  281-224-8103

Southern Select Equipment has been selling quality restaurant and bar products since 1999 specializing in pizza equipment . We take great pride in the products we sell and in the outstanding customer service we provide. We have been pizza restaurant and Bar owners ourselves most our lives  and we  know how important it is for you to have good working quality equipment.

Our experienced technicians go above and beyond to do all they can to insure you get the very best reconditioned or remanufactured equipment you can get  at a reasonable price. All of our ovens and our equipment are dismantled and taken completely apart all the way down to the frame. Thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

Certain parts are removed and installed with BRAND NEW OEM parts EVEN IF NOT NEEDED to make sure you get the BEST OVENS & EQUIPMENT POSSIBLE. We NEVER use refurbished or remanufactured parts We ONLY use BRAND NEW OEM parts. Also,any worn parts are replaced with brand new OEM parts  to give you the best oven or piece of restaurant equipment for your money. Thank you for choosing Southern Select Equipment. As always, we value your business!

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