Autofry MTI-10X Ventless Electric Fryer



Super Nice Autofry MTI-10x Electric Self Contained Autofry

We got this fryer from a local hospital who used it very lightly for about a year then put it in storage until now. Our tech went completely through this autofry checked all the settings to make sure everything ran to mfgr. specs and tested the machine in all settings and it worked beautifully.

No vent hood is needed …This is a 2010 Autofry MTI-10x that is a self contained fryer with  self contained fire suppression. It runs on 240v 1 phase electric.

Mfgr. April 2010


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Autofry MTI-10X Ventless Electric Fryer



Why AutoFry Delivers

Highly Reliable — With only three moving parts and 20 years of proven dependability, the AutoFry

is field tested.

Immediately Profitable — AutoFry is extremely economical to operate since no vents or hoods are

required (versus a minimum expenditure of $30,000-$50,000 to outfit a traditional professional kitchen

with vents, hoods and related HVAC).

Sophisticated — MTI’s proprietary Simplifrytechnology offers 18 programmable presets, standby mode,

heat/time compensation intelligence and multiple language options.

Extremely Safe — ANSUL® fire suppression technology is built into all models. In addition, the fully

enclosed and automated process eliminates any employee exposure to hot oil.

Industry Leadership — MTI invented AutoFry over two decades ago and now represents the gold standard

in ventless deep-frying technology.

Proven Track Record — AutoFry clients include the industry leaders within the

pizza operator, bar/tavern, convenience store and movie theatre markets worldwide.

With distribution in 67 countries, AutoFry has you covered.


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