Lincoln Impinger Conveyor Oven Offers Fast and Even Heating of Pizza and More
Lincoln Impinger Conveyor Oven Offers Fast and Even Heating of Pizza and More

Lincoln Impinger is the premier name in conveyor ovens offering a continuous cooking platform that is ideal for restaurants and other food service facilities to prepare perfectly browned pizza and more. The company uses the most advanced technology to bring large-oven capacity to almost any sized food preparation spot. Foods travel slowly across the conveyor belt to get them evenly and perfectly crisped. Digital controls allow you to control the speed and temperature to fix a variety of food types, along with customizable air fingers that are adjusted and controlled by zoning.

Lincoln has been producing Lincoln Impinger conveyor ovens for more than 25 years, providing all size of food preparation businesses and kitchens with the tools they need to produce high quality foods in minimal time. In spite of their small size, they have a large capacity for high-volume applications. Lincoln Impinger ovens incorporate FastBake™ technology that cooks food 35% faster without reducing the quality of the food.

One of the biggest advantages of the Lincoln Impinger conveyor oven is the ease with which pizzeria foods such as pizzas and deli style sandwiches can be made with consistent results without the need to constantly tend to the food. In addition, they do not require ventilation in most settings which makes them ever more versatile to fitting into smaller spaces.

For restaurants, pizzerias, delis, and other commercial food service areas, the ability to consistently produce quality food without a long wait is integral to the business. The Lincoln Impinger conveyor oven is a leading choice for businesses that demand reliability from their cooking tools. The conveyorized movement of food makes them safe and dependable, giving restaurants an advantage that they won’t get with batch-type ovens.

For start-up businesses and those that operate on a smaller volume, adding a Lincoln Impinger conveyor oven doesn’t have to be a big expense. Purchasing an oven that has been previously used can provide you with a high quality oven that has little wear but which doesn’t cost as much as a brand new model. If you want to make quality food that your customers will associate with your business name, purchasing a slightly used Lincoln Impinger conveyor oven could be the best choice for you instead of paying the high price for an oven of another brand that doesn’t have the same degree of quality.


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