TurboChef Technology Takes Rapid Cooking to Another Level
TurboChef Technology Takes Rapid Cooking to Another Level

TurboChef has been designing and creating commercial quality ovens since 1991. A TurboChef oven has the features that make it easy for chefs to cook foods fast and effortlessly without sacrificing quality. Innovation in rapid cooking and energy-efficient operation make a TurboChef oven the ideal tool for all types and sizes of restaurants and commercial kitchens. There is also a diversity of models to accommodate a wide range of cooking needs.

Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, 7-11, and Subway all use a TurboChef oven in their restaurants to ensure the quality of food that patrons rely on every time they visit one of their locations. These ovens are also a leading choice of amateur stoves who want to prepare a better quality of food at home without the time investment of traditional cooking methods. Among the more popular models for home or commercial use are the TurboChef Tornado and Tornado 2.

One of the most impressive features of the Tornado TurboChef oven is the Smart Menu System that allows you to store as many as 128 recipes. There is also an independently-controlled browning element on the bottom that makes it perfect for browning sandwiches and more. The capabilities of the TurboChef oven let you browns, toast or crisp food as much as 12 times faster than traditional ovens. The reason that a TurboChef oven works especially well for restaurants is their use of impingement cooking. These ovens work on the same principles as convection cooking, with the impingement ovens being faster by implementing jet nozzles to focus the heat over a smaller area. It works by surrounding food with forced, hot air to impinge the food’s surface.

For smaller restaurants and home chefs on a budget, it is still possible to get the quality that TurboChef has built a reputation for without investing in a new model. Purchase a used oven and get the newest technology and easy use of a TurboChef oven at a lower price. Often, restaurant owners find that they get a much better value when they purchase equipment that has been gently used before being traded in for a newer or larger model.

There are many factors that determine the success or failure of a restaurant, but none more so than the speed at which food is delivered and its quality when it is. Chain restaurants and food preparation businesses like Subway and Starbucks rely on the consistency of a TurboChef oven to deliver top quality food in every situation, time after time.


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